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Author Topic: Apple Switches to Intel  (Read 14004 times)

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Re:Apple Switches to Intel
« Reply #15 on: August 29, 2005, 01:15:41 AM »
Here's an interesting blurb on how Apple may have the last word on this:

"As was to be expected once the software got out of the lab, OS X for Intel has been hacked to make it run on generic Intel platforms, not just the Apple-approved Developer Transition Kit machines. This is, at this stage, less of an event than it appears at first blush," Larry Loeb writes for eWeek. "Getting around the TPM (Trusted Platform Module)—one of the requirements of enabling OS X to run on a generic platform— basically just involves programming the system code to ignore any calls to the TPM."

"While this will allow OS X to boot, disabling the TPM also disables its functionality... If you want to run OS X/Intel software in the future, running on a hacked operating system will (as I said before) lose the TPM functionality, and the original software will not run since it will check for TPM," Loeb writes. "To get a functioning application, you'll have to disassemble and crack the TPM calls. Every one of them. And that is a lot of work."

Full article at:


This is after you get all the neccesary drivers and crap for your particuar hardware and if someone hasn't already written it, write it yourself.  I wonder how deep the TPM calls go, this might even mean that the hackers only got to a text-based shell, not a GUI.  The application, "Finder" might check for TPM calls so you'd be left w/out the main purpose of a Mac (the GUI).  Sounds like some ugly hacks for quite awhile...
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