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Author Topic: New Firefox Version Changes  (Read 5781 times)

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New Firefox Version Changes
« on: September 13, 2005, 09:14:08 PM »
I came across an "unofficial" change log for the upcoming Firefox release which I mentioned in another post is set to be included in SuSE 10.

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Re:New Firefox Version Changes
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2005, 08:37:39 AM »
I am running 1.5 Beta 1 at the moment at work. Still got a lot of bugs that need ironing out with the Bookmarks and the Tabs. Which i am kind of baffled as to how they have bugs with them, because they were working just fine in 1.0.6.

Don't like the new preference layout at all. So they may get the led out on that one. In terms of those new error pages.. I kinda don't give a shit.. HOWEVER on some errors you actually want to see the unformatted error, not the firefox userfriendly one.. and i have yet to figure out how to remove that shite.

Compatability with my favorite Noia 2.0 theme is no existant, that is mighty gHay!

One thing that is STILL not available is to be able to pass the URL from one Tab window to the next Tab window upon creating a new TAB. I hate needing to work on different sections of a page and open a new Tab and then have to go back to the original tab and copy and paste the URL.

Bug fixes:

295074 - POST responses remain in the memory cache when using XMLHttpRequest => huge memory leak.

That is one that really was fucking with my head and shit would crash on a regular basis.

265028 - Clearing cache sometimes fails.
Sometimes fails? Sometimes? Let's say 50 / 50 here on that one.

Okay that is my rant on FireFox .. and as much as i might of ripped into it .. Still the best browser out there and my money is with them.

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