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Started by braininajar, March 31, 2005, 01:15:58 PM

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HELP!!!! i want to get hacking programs and good 1's for free i dont care if theyre CrAcKeD just tell me where i can download some good hacking programs THANKS MUCH APPRECITAED  :)

Hacking program as in what ?

Do you mean a program that will just let you get in another system with a click of a button ?

I don't believe it's that easy generally speaking. Yes, there are backdoor programs, but this isn't typically how you're going to get in a system, nor is it how to learn.

So what is it you really want to do and what sort of reasons do you have ?

As for your other post in the general discussion section (or wherever it was, I can't even remember now)..

There are ample documents on Unix and Linux and not just history. I don't know where you were looking... But there are loads of documents on Linux especially.

tldp.org is one of them.
and many others... google is your friend!
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Metgod -

Send him sub7 and bo2k. HAHA

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So true... although, it'd be even better if someone sent him the trojanized/backdoored version, so that others could play with him instead.

"My Terminal is my Soul"

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