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Started by forTwist, September 11, 2005, 01:32:47 AM

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I have a basic question.  What is the difference between compiling from source and from binaries?  I don't understand when I read from google or anything.  Any help appreciated! ;D

Compiling will create object files, and unless otherwise specified, the compilers will usually link those object files into an executable (binary) file. The reason someone might not want it automaticaly linked is when you have projects that are multiple files; you creat e the objects and then at the end link them all together.

So the source is the actual code (be it assembly or C or C++ or ...) and the binary is the end result of compiling and linking.

It used to be where coders would need to understand binary completely, but they got smart (and lucky for us) and made assembly (which is low level). Then some others got even smarter and created high level languages (C, etc -- although some would say C is middle level). And well, now we can practically use English to code...

Does that answer your question (and maybe then some) ?

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Actually, that's the part I'm confused about.  Why do you need to compile a binary file if it's already compiled?  Like, in Windows, you would just double click on the "binaries" and it would open up.  What more is there to do to it?

You're absolutely right; you don't compile binaries.

Where did you hear you compile binaries ? Or better yet, what exactly did they/it say ?

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Did it perhaps say "Recompile binaries" in which they are probably meaning you need to recompile from the source and recreate the binaries.

I think its a matter of speech and gramatical errors.

Like saying NIC Card. What exactly is a "Network Interface Card Card"?  ;D
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Is it possible that you're talking about compiling a kernel?
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Was thinking the same thing, Taz ....

I think it probably was a misunderstanding.
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