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Started by goast1, July 14, 2006, 02:20:51 AM

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??? Ok let say two things first one is I need to have these questions answered if at all possible I can help some I care about very much. this person may have gotten involved with some people that are not good and she need help but I need proof before I act this is why I'm here

Second, I am a huge noob I have never tried any like this at all. But I have tried to find help and know one willing or able to help so this why I come here

With that said here the problem

I need to get some jpeg's that provide the proof

but I'm 1000 miles a way while the computer in question is not very secure i.e. there no pass word to log on and from what I remember ( we were roommates) there were no hidden files or folder ever set up

now for good news I might be able to gain access to the network the computer is on I assume this good (this would not be achieved via a "hack" I just need figure out if can access it over inter net some way) bad new I have no idea what to do I cant get on the network or even if I do how to find the Jpegs's

So all help u can give me would be great

In addition, as a note I am on a pc running a widow xp pro I think

In addition, computer I am trying to access is a Mac running os x I think

The person in question was my gf but I got transferred to a new base and unit (I'm military)
Computers are not my area of expertise but if anyone has any more question about hardware or software  just ask and I will tell u all I cam

Not even going to give an answer to that one.
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Well, first things first, you can't hack over an ethernet network if the packets are colliding--that's just bad news and results in the graves of thousands of TCP/UDP packets, poor little souls....

So, try unplugging the ethernet cable from your computer, and hold it over the trash can for awhile so the excess packets can fall out.  Hopefully it's not a token ring network, or the token might fall out and you'd have to chase it around the room--you need them to transfer information.

Once that's done, I suggest trying to hack port 7713, I've got a good feeling about that one.  You could probably hook up your port 114 to her 7713, that'd probably work--jpeg's like those ports, so they might just transfer themselves of their own free will.

Once that's done you need to cover your tracks.  So, I suggest boiling your hard drive, then smashing it.  The gigabytes would have more than enough information to put you behind bars--also, your Non-Volotile/Random Access Memory might incriminate you, so dump some water on it.

Finally, you might consider shoving a knife in your eye, you never know, you might just crack under the pressure and incriminate yourself.  (*Takes a bow and jumps off the stage*)
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pfff.. fuckin shite bags.. pick up a fuckin book or do some research.

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I am not suffering with insanity... I am loving every minute of it.

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