WPE Pro revenge against my exbf

Started by Belibaby, July 25, 2006, 06:43:17 PM

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hi my exbf went to my house recently and he installed WPE Pro and ive known that hes hacked many java chats for probably more than a year already and he has taken it into good use and he thinks im "computer illiterate" so i want to show him how surprisingly powerful i am in taking control of chats myself so i want to know how can i actually hack java chatrooms with WPE Pro. i know for a fact that you need to use many filters and most likely other files in order to get a handle in it and i would like to know which filters to get, the location on where i can find them, and how to do it. believe me, im not computer illiterate like he thinks i am, he just wants me to feel like shit but he knows im not an expert at it. the only thing hes ever told me that im good at is being his sex slave and i feel really shitty about that because i know im better at a lot of other things. i know i know, hacking isnt the way to go but i want to impress and shock him with my new abilities. plus ive always had a craving for taking control of his chat since hes an admin and because of the usual fact that im his ex and im going to the technology traditional way of revenge.

reply ASAP, thanks

Please die...
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Maybe we should examine this as a perfect example of how NOT to do social engineering?  ;)
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Don't tell me to die!!! That's just flat out wrong! >:(

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Oh god... how to respond... Let's see...

You come here and make a stupid post. A typical kind of post we get so much of... Then, Cobra tells you off in a rather nice and succinct way (nice is relative here), and then you tell him HE is flat out wrong ?  This along with the thread name/subject clearly shows YOU need help: the only one in the wrong here is YOU! You're hypocritical, and definitely have no real concept of right from wrong. Besides, getting revenge isn't going to help the issue. Trust me. Learn to take care of your issues in a grown up way.

And please, get rid of your graphic on your sig... my god.. what a waste of bandwidth and disk space (yes, it goes in cache on everyone who views it and has cache enabled). No one needs to see a picture that large on a signature (if any size).
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But I don't understand at all? He has no right to tell me to die! That's a big "WTF Random Insult" moment >:(! Plus the fact that I'm only fifteen years old and I have a long way to go so you shouldn't ridicule me in any sort of way :-\. And finally, at least the sig is not a huge picture of a dick unless you would rather have that but I wouldn't do that because I'm nice like that ;D.

Okay, first of all. I am not going to apologise for my post.

Second of all.. If you want help from people on this board.. you need to show a little bit of Tac. Just rambling on about how you need help with hacking Java clients is not going to win you any "help contest". We don't know you from adam, and also have a little bit more appreciation of the skills that we have all put blood, sweat and tears into obtaining to just help everyone on this board that asks for rediculous types of help.

So look at it this way..

Sit and think first.. Think about, is it really worth it, is it REALLY that fucking important that this needs to be done. I am thinking NO.

So now perhaps you might see why we are quick to reply with "Please Die!".

I have had the guts of 10 years worth of this types of questions, and there are people on this board that have had to deal with 20 years worth of these questions. So think about it .. 10 - 20 years of people asking you "How to hack java chat clients, how to hack hotmail, yahoo and MSN, how to SPAM on ICQ, how to get naked pictures of ex-partners off their ex-partners PC.. etc etc.. the list is endles" this is the reason you got greeted with a

"Please Die!" answer, as apposed to the answer to your dribbling mess of a question.

So if you have a question about something that is actually important, benificial to others on the forum, then by all means ask. Even if you just want to chat, ask random questions about the group or staff or whatever you want to do.. then that's cool..

BUT DON'T!! Ask garbage .. or the next reply you'll get will be ..

"Please Die! ..... Seriously!"

I hope this helps

I am not suffering with insanity... I am loving every minute of it.

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