keylogging the misses from my house :)

Started by Tammy, November 26, 2006, 03:37:33 PM

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Hey bit of a n00b with the whole hacking thing... i dont want to do it to get money or private data etc... i would just like a little program which i can stick on my gf's pc and log what she types in msn convos :)...i think 99% she is very "oh i dont have a boyfreind and gets flirty"... would just be interested in what she actually says to people :)

not doing it nastily just want to see if it is the case please help :)

did have something where you sent a little program over msn/email... they opened up the app.. and it did nothing on there computer.... but from my computer at my home i could read everything they type....

would that work on yahoo to? trying to find out what my girlfriend is saying to other guys and what she is upto and if it dose could i get it from you thanks ?

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