Im new, and starting with a question

Started by cookymonsta, February 01, 2007, 04:51:59 AM

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Well, i would not say im a n00b, but i would say i am a beginner.

Anyways, im looking for info in scanning past firewalls, thru the dmz, seeing computers inside the network.

i know this can be complex

i love what "paratrace" does, very interesting. i get the concept, but i can seem to work the tool

i mean i "paratrace" or "paratrace"
it waites to establish a connection with the web server on port 80.

it just hangs there, seems like it times out

what am i doing wrong

again im new, i guess i really dont know what im doing

any sites with doc's or how to's in using this tool
or anyother tools for scanning thro firewalls?

thanks for any help!

This might be useful.

:) does network mapping stuff. Hope that helps, as for your other problems I am clueless as I know nothing about them. Sorry.

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