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Started by OZZ, December 06, 2007, 04:57:12 PM

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Hi everyone. This is actually a two part post. I have a big interest in learning the different skills that are outlined in this forum .. Ive looked around and been researching as much as possible, lurking here and there. I registered here after looking at various forums that have the information I need to learn what I want to learn ;)

A quick question for you guys ... first of all .. Im completely unfamiliar with linux ... and other OS's besides windows. While Im doing my research should I be learning Linux and switching over to it? Ive been builiding PC's for awhile now and always used windows ... it seems much of the programs and utilities that are used in hacking various targets seem to be based in an OS other than windows.

Thanks! :)

Also .....  I have a back up of an Act! database for work that is very, VERY important to me that wont let me reinstall it on a new computer because I forgot my username and password. Ive sold off the previous computer and now am left with my orignal copy of ACT! (2006 version) and the backup disc with the information on it. I wouldnt normally ask this being new to the forum. I will be reading and learning and Im sure will have other questions on hacking but this is an immediate need and I could REALLY use a point in the right direction on how to get that information out and restored into a fresh install of act .. on a fresh computer!

When I try to import the information from the backup disc to the new computer and fresh install of Act! the install prompts for a username and password ... and then tells me the one I enter is incorrect (which I really dont think it is but could be wrong)

I looked into several brute force programs and such, and it is a zip file .... however when I try to use a typical zip file password cracker like picozip or others it says that file is not encrypted??

Any suggestions would be great ... Im sure Ill have more questions as I learn but this database is causing an immediate problem that I need to get taken care of. I have plenty of time to learn the rest  ;)

Thanks so much guys for any information or suggestions. I really appreciate it! I was thinking I could use some sort of hacking program to retreive the username/password or that would allow Act! to install it ...


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