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Started by vicioustofu, January 12, 2008, 03:08:52 PM

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Hi there,
I'm a complete noob, but would like your opinions on a situation.

I had a contract with a business partner which stated that he would pay me for artwork that I give him.  He has been duplicating my artwork and is making hundreds of dollars, he refuses to pay me what is contractually owed and he refuses to give the artwork back.  He is basically a thief.   His lawyers have threatened to drag out court proceedings until I was broke if I took him to court.  My lawyer confirmed that even though the guy is definitely at fault, it would be useless to fight for my artwork in a court of law.

One of my friends mentioned that a hacker could theoretically get into their computer and retrieve my stuff.  

Is this really a possibility?  And if so, how does someone like me get in contact with someone who would be willing to get my artwork back?  I have the thief's IP Address.

Any opinions would be appreciated.  Thank you for your time.

Well to start with, GET A BETTER LAWYER. I have a friend of mine who is an artist (not graphics designer) here in Ireland and he did work for someone and they used the work and duplicated the imagery without paying for it. Went to court and the guy didn't have a leg to stand on, he had to pay for the artwork as well as any legal expenses incurred.

Failing that there is 100% no point in trying to retrieve the imagery illegally from his machine. To start with you say he is "duplicating" your artwork. Which means there is more than one copy and you can bet your ass the rest of the copies are not stored on the same machine.

Second of all if he decides to take legal action against data theft or attempted data theft your ass would be suffering a lot more than that guy having to pay you for your work.

So your choices are:

-> Get a new lawyer
-> Bend over and take it, it is a learning curver, we all have them.
-> Attempt to find someone that will try and illegally retrieve the  data. If i remember rightly the US treat Data THeft now under the Anti-Terrorist ACT. So they will slam down hard on you.. and you have already started a paper trail for getting busted by posting your request on a public board.

The 4th option which i would opt for would be to arrive at his office or home, smack him one serious punch upside the fucking head, smile and walk away. You will feel MUCH better :)

Good luck man!
I am not suffering with insanity... I am loving every minute of it.

Cool, thanks for the advice.  
I know that he's only using one computer right now and everything is backed up onto it.  I've been shopping around for a new entertainment lawyer but so far, no luck.  They keep saying that it's almost like going to court against to impossible.  
At this time, i guess I'm just going to have to take it.  It's frustrating though because it was one whole year worth of work.

And speaking of paper trails....this guy has one that is all over the  internet....constantly posting.  ugh.  And he doesn't even try and hide his Ip.  He's been pissing people off on both sides of the big blue ocean.

thanks again.  

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