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Started by genuiscatdog, October 01, 2008, 10:06:25 PM

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I've identified the open ports of the target IP address, and I know what programs are running from the one I want. Now what do I do with that information?

If it's any help, I'm trying to mess around with a web page, which has an IP that comes back as having an open port 80, running Windows Server 2003 -- Microsoft-IIS/6.0

If the only open port is 80, your only option on it would be to run some sort of DoS on it, or some IIS6 script exploit to try and gain access to the server. Theres tons of IIS exploits out there and what works is based on how up to date the system admin keeps that box. You could also explore the site some, see what applications run off it via the web and look for ways to exploit those. Poor coding on custom web apps sometimes opens holes to get access through.
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Aye, have a look at what websites are on the server as well. If port 80 is open .. a 99% chance it is being used for something web related.

By looking at the website, depending on how large it is, will give you an idea of what sort of shit is behind the scenes. Also would be worth checking out what version of SQL is being used, if at all.

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