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Title: Trillian Pro v1.0
Post by: Cobra on June 15, 2003, 10:10:55 PM
I've noticed recently alot of people are leaning towards Trillian and also Trillian Pro. I have been using trillian pretty much from get go... but i recently had to reinstall my system and lost my copy of it. Sooo.. I went on to Kazaa and WinMX to find myself a new copy.

I found a copy that had 87 Users with the file. (Popular file)..

Filename: Trillian Pro 1.0 (with keygen & plugins).exe

It is exactly what it says it is, comes with Trillian Pro, 2 Security Updates, Keygen and a moxy of plugins.

Problem.. Install sheild is loaded with OptixPro.12 Trojan. Which as far as i know is a very old trojan. BUT! Norton did not pick it up first time around. So just to let you guys know. Keep an eye out for that file. Alot of people seem to be already using it. Also, the file size is approx. 5.4mb

Title: Re:Trillian Pro v1.0
Post by: Syxx on June 17, 2003, 04:06:30 AM
Software piracy is bad! lol  ;D

I have tried trillian on multiple occasions and it still lacks some features that keep me from sticking to it, a major one is it not storing ICQ contact list remotely, it took forever for icq to add it, but trillian hasnt yet last I saw.

Also last time I installed, used, and uninstalled the reguler version, I signed onto normal msn messenger and my nick was changed to my password, im not sure if it was some sort of bug or what, but it was very strange.

Thanks for the advisory though, I might have that saved on a hd somewhere.........
Title: Re:Trillian Pro v1.0
Post by: wilnix on July 06, 2003, 04:08:06 PM
i use xchat2 and kopete...although, i dont run kde...let me know when they make trillian as a freebsd port >=]