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Started by TOWT, April 08, 2005, 03:18:20 PM

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I plan on hosting a internet game (tac-ops)
and i was wondering if anyone out there would know what i should have for internet (bandwith speed)

also ...

would it be effecient to connect the modem to a network switcher or should i just connect it to a router

Dsl would be fine for hosting a tac-ops game, I assume you mean a dsl modem since dsl is in the title of the post.  I've hosted counter-strike games with dsl before, and tac-ops isn't any more resource hungry.

As to the second question, I don't understand why you wouldn't just connect the dsl modem to your PC.  There's no need to connect the modem to a switch or a router and then to your PC if it's got nothing to do with a LAN, unless I misunderstand something... ???
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You could connect the DSL modem to a hardware Firewall/Router for added security, though it may make hosting a game server off it a little more complex in configuration and all. Thats mostly an opinionated decision on your part.
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