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Started by Zerored, February 22, 2002, 05:17:29 PM

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haz anybody ever had to unzip a file with the extention of .sh? its a game ive got for mandrake, but the extention different, therefore, i cant intstall my package.

only .sh extension I know of is a shell script that would run in the bourne shell (sh).

Never heard of a compression format with that name. Care to tell more, and explain what you've tried ?

BTW: try cat <file> and what does it show ? if it is all just text it is just a script, else it is something else. If it is a script, a simple execution of the script will work wonders.

Let me know and maybe I can help.. because I have no clue atm..

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Never heard of a compression extension of .sh either.
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Compressed files don't end in .sh...

Something like .Z .gz .tar .zip etc...those are compressed. Metgod gave you the right idea, but before you ./ it or sh it make damn sure you know what you are running. In essence, read through the script first.

Good Luck

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