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Started by godaigo, February 12, 2002, 09:00:54 PM

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Also, there are books on socket programming...
Uh.. can't think of the name off hand but.. UNIX Network Programming
might be the name.. look it up on Amazon and like Will said, a search engine...
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Metty probably knows better then I do, and it seems there is a lot online if you search.

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Thanks alot! It seems like this is something of a required subject if I'm gonna be doing anything in Unix. Of course my college classes really didn't address anything outside of "this is a program, here's how it's written" of course they don't tell you how it apply's to anything, or how to connect it to anything outside of your own projects structure! Thank god(or whatever  ;)) that I like to work out stuff on my own! Thanks again these two sites look like they'll get me started. Once the ball starts rolling....
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no problem..
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I've seen some of these, and they do have some good stuff. will probably check the others out as it's always neat to have more stuff to refer to. So thanks.

As an aside, and some caution....

(and MS is probably the biggest cuplrit here since they love breaking standards ... and I"m probably stating the well known but ah well ...)

main() must be int in the ANSI C standard (and I see in one of those links they don't specify at all and rely on compilers -- which is a bad bad practice). It's true that most compilers default it to int (especially K&R compilers), but... it's best to specify int (and not void or anything else). And prototypes are your friend indeed! But MS's C code is inherently broken (since they specify void) and won't work everywhere.

One thing I'd recommend is usually specifying -Wall in gcc.

Oh, and valgrind and dmalloc are quite useful. Never tried electric fence or the others, but valgrind is my favourite (saved me on several occasions I might add), plus doesn't really i nvolve modification of code -- just specifying debug symbols to be inserted into the executable.

Hope I didn't horribly bore you all, haha

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Also check this thread...;action=display;threadid=1598

And a favourite of mine ....

and can't forget the C FAQ!

Also check (although I don't like some of this one's style and probably other things, but probably useful anyway).

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