Windows Vista release date

Started by Metgod, November 02, 2006, 03:57:54 PM

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Ok.. haven't posted in ages but saw this and thought some (especially Ben) might like it. Maybe some others too (I admit I'm interested as well). So here I am making a post.

Microsoft has revealed a release date for Windows Vista, and it's quite close. See below for more details:

There's also a table of the system/hardware requirements. Kind of high there but hopefully it'll be an improvement of the current Windows.
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Especially me?  Haha, true, true.  I've already got the free RC1, so I don't need to spend money on the real product (though I'd like to).  Those are some pretty steep hardware requirements, though.  There are options to shut off aero, but it's still a memory hog.  Anyway, I'm too excited about Ubuntu 6.10 to care about Vista right now.  It rocks my socks off!  W00t!  You may not like Ubuntu, but we can all agree that it does alot of things alot better than Windows.

I just hope Windows doesn't try to become Apple (good company, just a little more image than usefulness).  As soon as Windows gets Dashboard and WMPlayer gets a "search music by album cover" option, I'm switching over to Linux forever.
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