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Started by sparklink, May 10, 2009, 01:29:17 AM

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Hai all!

i'm new in this forum and i need your advice. currently i'm having a project developing web application. the main feature is to show report and display user information. i want to use JBoss Seam as web framework because it supports pdf, excel, etc. i think it will suitable because the report needs to be downloaded and save it as pdf. am i use right framework? or maybe you can suggest any framework because it's my first time handling such a big project. any advice would be honored. Thank you very much!

Could you be more specific about what particular things you'd like to do? Seam is pretty intense if you're just starting out, but it can do pretty much anything. There are probably easier solutions than this, however. I know, for instance, there are libraries to export as PDF. For viewing, you might try Macromedia FlashPaper (yes, it's still called Macromedia, even though everything else Flash is Adobe). It's cheap and easy to use.
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