Started by Zerored, March 02, 2003, 02:56:47 AM

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Okay, now im pissed. Out of all the distros ive tried, ive had the most problems installing suse. First off, letting it use up all of my hdd, i get a RPM returned and error message, two to be exact. then it says later that couldnt write lilo boot sector to floppy, and the root password cannot be set, you wont be able to login. When i reboot, i get nothing. Use of a boot disk (an old suse one) it boots, tries to set up and still i got problems. Im irritated at this point. I know neekster uses suse. So mabye you know, and you too metty. The versions i used was 6.4 and 7.0. the REALLY irritating thing is that i get these errors consistently and i get the same EXACT errors for BOTH versions. Im about to destroy the damn disks and say f*ck the distro!! So, any takers on this one?

I hate SuSe to begin with. I had countless people telling me to try SuSe. Tried it, Hated it, Got rid of it.  I am a keen RedHat user, and despite what people say Mandrake is not half bad.  Syxx will probably tell you that Gentoo is better than anything, Some will tell you Debian, Some will tell you Slack(off). It really depends. It is like me playing guitar. No one can tell you what style is best.  Whatever works for you. And if you know what you are doing. You can nail down any distro to a secure install. So don't mind anyone telling you otherwise. Just keep scoring more distros and play with them, till you find one you are happy with. I have been using Redhat since like 4 or somin. So i am quite happy with that.

As for the error messages. I installed the latest version of Suse recently on a test machine. And actually got the same errors. Have you tried installing a different boot loader?  If you are having problems during install. Don't go with what you want to install. Go with a basic installation and then build up from there. Do it step by step and then it will make it easier to see what has caused the problem.

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nevermind. Good luck with the install. I had no problems installing it, but if you want help you'll need to copy-n-paste the errors so we can see them...

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