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Started by outlawjoe, December 05, 2003, 08:49:06 PM

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    Im new here and to hacking and such you see i have windows 2003 and i for some reason encrypted my files(knowingly) and after the 30 day trial ended i need to reinstall windows 2003 so i did

now the files i encrypted i can no longer use i am wondering if there are any tools and/or methods of getting rid of my encryption?

I'm not too familiar with Win Server 2003. I have a client who wanted me to upgrade their NT domain structure to 2003 which I did, but haven't gotten into the full "nitty gritty" of it yet. I would assume however that based on what they had been saying regarding the new encryption methods, you're going to need a lot of luck cracking it. I would also assume however that there would be some safeguards against something like this. Have you looked at the Microsoft TechNet on this? That might help. This is why I love my PGP for all my encryption needs... ;)  I'll try and dig up some stuff and let ya know...
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ahh thank you much  

it will be highly appreciated

Quote from: outlawjoe on December 10, 2003, 07:56:55 PM
ahh thank you much  

it will be highly appreciated

Well what algorithm is Win03 encrypting with? RSA, TripleDES? If it's something as basic as Ceaser Cipher (LOL) I don't think you'll have that hard of a time. Rather per their using the MD5 Hash method (Not a cipher) which can be bruteforced as well.

I believe 2003 backs up the key used to encrypt its files somewhere. I will look into it a bit further for you when I can (hopefully the weekend) and see. However im not sure how they work the trial version of 2K3.

A friend of mine had a problem a long time ago with using 2000 servers encryption and he had a system crash and lost the ability to access all his files. I dont believe he ever was able to get it cracked so he accepted the loss.

Ive never been one to go with the idea of having the OS encrypt things for me, I stick with PGP and use my key for that. Its safer in the event of a crash I think ;)
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lol wow - you dnot have to look into it TOO far consideringit happened a long time ago - and i just accepted me losses and used my oldd backup dvd - but thanks alot for the consideration and such - btw if any of you wants to talk to me about cracking anything msg me on aim - eliteassassininc  or if you just wanna talk - i have to go for a while and i wont be able to login to here for a bit

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