hot as hell finger print readers!!!

Started by Dean, September 23, 2004, 08:15:53 PM

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I heard that there are coming out with fingerprint readers.
The cool thing about them is that you dont have to keep on typeing that password in. All you have to do is just put your finger down and.....there you go! there 40 dolors i think.....

Biometrics have been around for quite a while actually... but only recently have the big companies begun incorporating them into their general consumer based customers...

Old technology concept, but getting better at implementation...
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...becareful mate... we can't tell dean that because his head will explode....

anyone see a relation to him and media ?

I do.. it's called sensationalism... once again, talkign about these 'new' things that are so old...
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Why has Dean got a warning ?
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Nothing to do with this post ...

It has to do with things he's been doing elsewhere and what he's been saying.. all sorts of things...

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We're testing a bunch of different brands of biometric authentication devices right now... I have an APC model on this desktop that works pretty well...
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That sounds pretty cool Uneek! I have to say that I've never even got to see any biometric security devices. (Way beyond the resources we have). Any thoughts on this subject, since you're actually evaluating these, Uneek?
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Anyone try out those "USB Key" sized ones? Was curious if anyone could speak on how well they work. Been thinking of getting one to play around w/ but I dont want to waste the money if its garbage.
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Some of the ones we're testing here are from Sony (Puppy) and they seem to work pretty well. They have 128 Megs of storage on them as well. The one I have on my desk is pretty cool in that it will also encrypt / decrypt files and directories, as well as replace whichever password prompts you want it to, like for websites, e-mail clients, etc. The only thing is though it works by authenticating once a match to a fingerprint is made, so id doesn't acutally replace the password prompt... seems more for ease of use, although on the upside, you can create complex passwords of complete jibberish assigning them to fingerprints, therefor eliminating having to reset passwords due to someone forgetting a very complex password, so that works out pretty well...
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Digital Persona uses an AD domain for network authentication using their biometric readers...The good part - PASSWORDS ARE ACTUALLY HARDCORE -

Check it out,

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