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okay, so i wanna try wardriving for fun...but im pretty new at it.  unless i find a network with no real security, i probably would not be able to get in.  can someone give me tips?  like how to crack authentication?  best areas?  etc.... thanks

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Well Myke,

Wardriving isnt really all about breaking into the secured wireless networks, its mostly about finding the unsecured ones and mapping out the GPS coordinates and documenting them so others can benefit from the "free" connection  ;D

There are a few wireless brute-force utilities out there, personally ive not used any myself just yet. I tend not to need to as for every one locked down AP there are 3 or 4 in its vicinity that arent, hehe.

Ive been reccomended the use of WarLinux for intense wireless hacking. Its a compact Linux distro designed purely for WarDriving and provides a platform for running many exploits and such since it is a Linux kernel.

Searchable Wifi Map

Classic Windows Based Wardriving Util

Macstumbler = Nice util for Mac users. It talks too!

Good Wireless Sniffer (AirSNORT)
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Yup... Warlinux is pretty nice... Also have a version of Knoppix which is really nice for Wardriving.
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hmm.. what are good encryiption cracking tools for windows? ::)

If ya got the cash... try airopeek...
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I'm new too... I need a way to get passed the security code for the connection that has come into my house... And any other connection I find...  Any other program other than ths Linux one...?

airopeek was mentioned, airmagnet is google, there are more...

I have mentioned before the Network Security Auditor tool based on knoppix. It is bootable from cd and is filled with tools..

Good Luck,

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Its to bad that site is quite US-Centric. Would anyone know of a site like that which also has wifi maps for Canada?

I have not come across a good cracker but if you are trying to find ap's try netstumbler

er... I wouldn't post a phone number online... especially in a forum such as this one... just a small tip, smes... ;)
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