interconnection between 2 LANs

Started by michalkubik, April 12, 2006, 06:43:56 AM

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i'm trying to get from one computer to another, problem is they are in 2 different LANs
1st has IP:
2nd has IP:

1. Can i ping them somehow?
2. Can i communicate betwean them over TCP?
3. Can i communicate betwean them over ssh?

Should i set something on the routers or DHCP?

thanks Michal

Let me see if I hear you right...

You have two LANs, with a group of computers (possibly other devices) on each. Now, you want them to communicate ?

Are they at the same location ? How much space do you have ? Etc...

I can imagine you have a few options:

1. You could combine them into one (you didn't give much info so I'm going to throw this idea out just in case it's possible). This may or may not be desirable.. depending on what you're trying to accomplish.

2. Use a device that links them together... But again the best approach could depend on location of networks, etc.

3. Have them both connected to the Internet and go through that way.

Note that I'm quite out of the loop on setting up rather large networks, but, I think those are your options; there may be more though. If anyone else has any other ideas though, please do mention them, as I haven't done much related to this in a long while ...

Oh and to answer your questions:

1. You should be able after it's setup properly.
2. You'll probably use TCP/IP, yes.
3. You should be able to use SSH.

As for your last question... I personally perfer static ips, but for larger networks and especially those that don't require static ips you might be fine with dhcp...
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Ok... first, based on those two addresses, they are on seperate networks which would require routing of some sort between the two. Based on how that happens and what hardware and rulesets are in place will determine what services and protocols will be accessible from one to another. To answer the questions:

1.  If ICMP is allowed through both ways, ping will work.
2.  You will need TCP for communication.
3.  If SSH protocol / port being used is allowed, SSH will work.

DHCP will have no effect eitherway since the addresses are already in place, but you will have to make sure to have valid gateways set up for communication.
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Hrm... yes.

I have this bad habit of replying to things early in the morning (for me). I've recently figured out it doesn't work so well as far as coherency.

Now the hard part is to actually figure out how NOT to do that...

Of course what Uneek says is very accurate and good points from him ... but at least I sorted out one problem for the OP...
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