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Started by wilnix, March 04, 2002, 03:21:18 PM

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For the security minded, cisco loaded networking professional, look into the MCNS class and certification. You'll need to have a CCNA, but I'm sure with a little reading you can pass that.

Need a link?


good luck!


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I've been working with SOlaris for ages so decided to get off my ass and work towards Sun Accreditation.... going for the first exam soon. Thought I may as well get a piece of paper and use it as a lever for more money :p

Yeah, I am having to get CCSE certified through Checkpoint due to some of our firewall equipment. Jobs with training are cool... :)

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cool wil, your jobs payin for it??? good on you. ive thought about going for the ccsa, but i may need my arms and legs to drive back to school. hence, ccna, all networking, and is cheaper to study for. I checked ebay, but pple are asking like 200-300+ for just the study materials alone!!...anybody got any ccsa books they dont need? hehehe

Good Luck on that....

You might want to check into your local university and see what they offer for Cisco Courses...you may be able to pay for them via Student Grants / Loans...

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What are some good books to read to prep for a cisc (MCNS)?

There are quite a few out there, but I haven't read through any of them enough to give an opinion. Try going to www.ciscopress.com and www.amazon.com and search for MCNS. You will find what you are looking for there...

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A good cirt to get?  Thats the question I'm ve been asking myself lately.  I'm currently planning on getting out of the Marine Corps in Jan '03  I have been looking for a good vendor netural cirtification thats cheep and will get me hired as an network admin.  (I don't even know if thats what I'm looking to do)  As someone with NO formal education or training in ANY of the computer sciences, I'm looking for an easy test, cheep and worth having (usefull)  I can learn anything so thats not an problem I have taught myself for 15 years now. Kinda sucks cuz' I have only been working with Unix/Linux for the last 4.

I'm really like networking computers and keeping sercure.  should I go with MSCE and  then go with that Cisco cirt?  Or is there something better for beginners?

I really just want to get my foot in the door and go from their.  I'm planning the next 5 years of my life as work/part time school/cirt test takeing.  Then maybe I could afford living in California where my wife INSISTs on lveing our lives.  (no jokes bout' who ware's the pants in my home)

Thanks for any guideance.....

MCSE isnt worht the change in my pocket. Cisco has some good certs at the CCIE level. They aren't cheap nor are they easy, but they are well worth it. Experience will get you a tech job, and a degree will get you in Management. You decide....

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Cool beans!   ;D  Looks like I'll be working ing an tech. job for the next few years....  I'm going to be working for INS in San Diego for  3 to 4 years right after I get out of the Corps.  I'll be doing my cirts at that time.  It's reall hard to get any schooling done here in the Marine Corps ( one of the reasons why I'm getting out)

Thanks 4 your help.

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