Started by wilnix, April 07, 2002, 01:27:26 AM

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Ethernet... Need I say more?


PS ~ Uneek likes decnet...he told me so.  ;)
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yes yes.. Ethernet !

as far as Neek, well hehe, silly guy !

hehe j/k Neek
"My Terminal is my Soul"

oh yes!!! DecNET > *

**goes over to one of his DEC Server 90L's and kicks it off the wall mount**
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For the Digital/Compaq sucker in you.

:P Wilnix
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mmK, someone reported this thread to the moderators  ::)

yeah... was wondering the same thing, Syxx.. heh

"My Terminal is my Soul"

I better take care of that...who's the violator here?!? oh crap!!! it's me!!! damn my eyes!!!

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