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Started by wilnix, April 07, 2002, 01:33:57 AM

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I love my NT domain because with PCnet Link for Solaris I can run my PDC, BDCs, DHCP, WINS, etc. off of solaris8 on a UltraSparc...  ;D

So there, Mr. Gates!

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Wil... that's defeating the purpose!!! If Mr. Gates wanted a functional Network Operating System structure he would have coded Windows better... mkay??? Don't screw with his company's ineptitude that way!

Damn you!!!

**walks off muttering something about Netbios and null sessions being the best he's gonna want to screw with Lantastic!!!**
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Bill Gates is a very smart man, and a very rich man. He has earned his money catering to the ignorant. We should all take lesson's from this idea...

If somebody is made to feel the need for something that nobody else has...profit, profit, profit....

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Ill give him the smart businessman part. He made all his money off the ideas of others.
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Heh, if it's not a copyright, trademark, etc....Its not your idea.

~Bill Gates

LOL Wilnix
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