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This may be a dumb question, but I'm kinda new to wireless networks so bear with me.  I've got four computers with WMP54G's on them running through a WRT54G router.  I don't actually need any security past the 128-bit WEP it offers, but I wanted to try to disable the SSID broadcasts.
I've heard you can do it, but none of my computers can find the network if I disable it.  I even give them the SSID and WEP code and they still can't find them.  

First off, is there any actual need to disable SSID broadcasts?  Will it enhance security?  And how can I do it?

Wow, I was a complete idiot in March.  Anyway, this is what's happening (if anyone cares):

First off, 128-bit WEP encryption is probably more than any 4 computer wireless ethernet will ever need.  In fact, it maybe arguable that wireless networks greatly surpass wired networks in security.  In the first place, it's incredibly difficult to crack a 128-bit public/private key encryption code, second off, if the SSID broadcasts are turned off, most sniffers will never even be able to find the encrypted signal.  Thusly, that will offer way more security than you (I) will ever need.

Thirdly, in order to disable SSID broadcasts, each computer in the network must be given the WEP key and the SSID.  However, this cannot be done using the crappy software that ships with linksys stuff (even though it claims it can).  I suggest uninstalling any software and using a third party program like:

http://www.devicescape.com/ (WOC)

or even the Windows XP builtin wireless manager cajjigidy.

Oh, and also, I admire your work, benthehutt, and I wish I could kiss the ground you walk upon...

humbly yours,
benthehutt :-*

Wow, sounds like a good place to post about WPA, AES, etc...

I have plans from my wifi implementation i can put up here as soon as i get back to work...just the general stuff...


this thread is somewhat out of date now, but I thought I would post this link up anyway.

The FBI demonstrating at, I think it was Defcon, how to crack 128-bit wep in about 10 mins. I have done it and it works.

the link is here

Heh, good ole FBI.  I've got a mathematician friend who worked for the NSA, he said they've got a computer whose sole purpose it to be able to crack RC5-128 encryption in seconds.  Kinda scary thought...
It makes me wonder what kinds of encryption aren't even legal.  I mean, if it took 10000 computers 5 years or so to crack RC5-64 at distributed.net and the government could do it in seconds...


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