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Started by Marcvs, April 11, 2006, 02:15:51 AM

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I dont know if this is allowed in the forum but how do i create viruses as I would like to create 3 minor ones as practical jokes, one that resets the CPU's password and tells me their new one, one that just creates a reboot cycle and one that fills up the HDD with meaningless data!.

Anyway Help would be greatky appreciated, and I highly recomment Hire Hackers for uncovering passwords!


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Advertising something we don't need (hint: we have the skill and mental capacity to take care of our own data [passwords included]), as well as asking how to do unethical/immoral things in one post.

However... I'm going to answer your questions. But first, I'd like to say:

I wouldn't consider my hard disk being filled up with random crap a 'joke' of _any_ kind (practical or otherwise). Nor would I think resetting my password and sending out the new one, funny. And rebooting repeatedly would infuriate me.

Now let's put that a side, and get to the point. If the computer is rebooting repeatedly, how could you log in remotely and use it ? It wouldn't be up for very long. And, depending on which password you changed, it'd be difficult for them to log in completely (if they don't have auto login). So then... it might not even start the reboot cycle. Besides, viruses are supposed to spread! I think you're using the wrong term. Anyway, the long story short: they'd either fix it or reinstal, thus invalidating your work.

Oh and just a note... CPU = central processing unit. You know that small board that fits into the mother board ? That's a CPU. There is no password on it ... I suppose you mean 'computer' at the bare minimum.

Now that question you asked...

Q. How do I write a malware of any kind ?

A. You learn to program under the environment you want to target.
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