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Started by ShiBo, April 03, 2008, 04:14:24 AM

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Now I just barely got into hacking
But would anybody know any good sites for "lessons and tutorials" on hacking IP addresses and websites?

My reasons for hacking... Meh, just for fun
I wouldn't go in and look into peoples personal files
or upload viruses.
But I would like to play some jokes for revenge
or use this skill for in times of need.

What I would like to learn
-Upload files to other computers
-Change images on website
-Maybe even crack into another persons computer
Of course all discretely

May I be taught this useful skill?

Programs I've downloaded
-IP address look up
-Whois View

If you want to "TEST" someones website for vulnerabilities i would highly suggest that you get a grounding in the technologies that are utilized by the site.

For example if you are "TESTING" against a database driven site then you are in luck for a beginner. What you can do is a number of black box tests against the applications query strings.

For example you are primarily looking for an instance where you can break the SQL string with reserved characters. So when you see websites with a URL such as:  

The ID of 20 nine times out of ten would indicate that it is doing a request against a database. So as your first test try inserting a  ' character in place of the 20 and see if you can force an exception.

If you can .. i would suggest reading up on SQL Injection Attacks and Black Box Testing web applications.  

As for attacking a site at more local level i wouldn't even bother if you are only getting started.. but you can scan any open ports on the server and check for the services being provided and then again it will be back to finding information about the services, known vulnerabilities .. or if you do spend a lot of time.. discover your own vulnerabilities.

As for fuckin with friends PC's .. i am sure you will find a billion pre-canned scripts and apps that people have written to do this job.

But i would HIGHLY recommend that you actually do some study into what you are using ... it is "ACTUALLY" interesting.

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