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ms pptp questions


Hey hfx forums,

First time id thought of posting but I have read other posts and
i would like some advise on some issues.

First off pptp  is used for connecting remote networks weather it be between routers or a client /server ... right?
     Continuing from this mspptp consists of a password/username  or tolkens because i looked it up and got confilicting results

Also is there a "good" centralized location of flaws in web app versions (<---- yeah i appoligise in advance kind of a noob question)

ok, i didnt get in through pptp but i did get in to the machine in question via ftp, now what? i have admin access of the "server"
including full access to the c: drive where should i go from here; perhaps a boot script?

(BTW i have permission to do this, dunno if i needed to post this)

Ermm... if you have full access to the machine.. what exactly do you want to do? If we know what you want to do.. then we can point you in the direction of what to look for.


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