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Started by gadoxc7779, January 19, 2009, 03:19:59 PM

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Hi all, i am new to computer hacking and web security,i need advices on how i can increase and sharpen my skills in certain areas such as programming and Defending my system as i have come to realize that's one of the best form of attack.

I decided to learn Perl programming as my second language as i have played around with php in the past, so i went out and purchased a book called PROGRAMMING PERL by Larry Wall and a few other authors. I also bought a book on MASTERING REGULAR EXPRESSION .i plan on installing Fedora but have never used Linux so ill appreciate links to where i can learn some things about Linux.

my problem is this i find it very had motivating myself to stay awake at night to read and practice, during the day i spend a few hours reading and practicing, i kind of get this feeling that this isnt taking me anywhere hence i decided to drop a post on here for some advice from more advanced individuals how may have been through what i am going through.

I have learn't a few things about port scanning using nmap,but i don't feel comfortable enough to venture out of my local home network as i don't feel i know enough to protect my. I got an application from Google called web goat which is a vulnerable web server which is meant to teach newbies a few things on web security, i must say its been fun using it.

Ill appreciate any advice on how i can get myself into a routing that keeps me reading and practicing more as i currently dont seem to be doing much of that.


Well i am probably the worst person to give advice.. i used to spend 16hrs a day 7 days a week in front of a computer to the point where i got sick and ended up in hospital. However that was a long time ago.. and have moved on from there. But it illustrates one point, studying and practice is the only way to move forward. Granted you don't have to do it to such an extreme level, but you do need to do it every day. It is the same as learning a musical instrument.

However the difference is, IT changes every day, the guitar has been the same pretty much since conception.

I wouldn't use Fedora to start with, Fedora started out a good idea and with its first release looked like it was going to be a slim version of Redhat, developed by the Redhat community.. however so many versions on (i think version 7 or 8 now) and it has become just as bloated if not more so than RedHat. The reason for this is Redhat pretty much use Fedora as a testing ground.. if it is good it makes it to RedHat.. if it isn't it stays with Fedora.. haha .. SOUND!! ;)

Anyway.. find what works for you.. Linux distros are free, so this allows you to play around and find out what one you enjoy the most. 

Just keep reading and studying .. ask your questions here .. someone will get back to you.. might take them awhile because they have turned into lazy shits :) haha

I am not suffering with insanity... I am loving every minute of it.

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