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Anyone know much about this WarLinux? It is an OS geared towards auditing Wireless Networks, and also used for Wardriving.

Link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/warlinux/

Going to download it this weekend and test it out in Dublin.. So will keep you all posted. If anyone has any info on it in the mean time. Let me know.

Looking for a firewall for free? Well, take your old POS and put closedbsd on it. Here's the link to it: http://www.closedbsd.org

If you need other stuff, check out everything on www.fuckmicrosoft.com

Sorry for the curseword, but it's an actual website devoted to open source software and it's really good.


And here you had my hopes up that someone knew something about WarLinux. Argh!

Sorry Cobra -

WarLinux is cool. Get it now and try it...

Better? :P


D1G174L K4M4K423:
Anyone ever try Knoppix STD? I've used and it has some pretty "spiffy" network "tools". Found it to be handy when screwing with my neighborgs network. LMAO he is sharing his hard drive, and printer over the network without any encryption whatsoever.
     Oh, and im going to San Jose Californ-I-A this summer for the NYLF. Anyone else going? Anyone wanna meet up and do some WarDriving? -just got my new laptop.


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