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Digital Suicide:
So, how do you all feel about the bandwidth limitations of 802.11g? I think that's been *my* single largest concern with wi-fi, and my primary reason for not using it in my network.

(Happy metty?)


yes, DS, I am. I'm glad you see it my way. *grin*

Oh and reasons I don't use it are security among other things.. but I also don't even have a reason to use it, even if I was sure about security.

I think cables are fine for me on my local network until distance gets to be an issue, which I don't see happening any time soon. But also, I don't even care enough to read up on it so I wouldn't know the number on bandwidth or anything like that. You all know me.. if I see something wrong I close in on that and sometimes -- like in this case -- don't want to know the rest. Well I do but don't have enough energy / inclination / time to study it. for now at least...


i am still on 802.11b at my house and it works just fine. Not too worried about security....wait, I'll rephrase...I am sniffing my traffic like a mofo and have bells and whistles that go off if another NIC shows up in a 40293840984 miles radius....



Sounds like you're pretty damn concerned, Will! :)

hehe.. ah well... like I said.. I am not very open to going to wireless when I don't need it ('if it ain't broke, don't fix it!')...


I'm on 802.11b at home as well, and loving it! It's nice being able to walk with my lappy anywhere in my house and having a network connection. As far as security concerns go, I'm satisfied with my level of protective measures integrated into my Wireless LAN segment to thwart off would be wardrivers/wireless intruders, (i.e. Disable SSID broadcast, 128 WEP, MAC Address Filtering, Secondary RADIUS Authenticating, etc.) And since my Internet connection isn't more than the 11 MB that 802.11b is restricted to anyway, I see no reason to need for more anyway. If I need to transfer large files to and from my lappy to one of my other systems  or servers, I just hard wire connect my lappy to my 100 Meg switch. :)


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