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Digital Suicide:
I have an existing network of 3 workstations wired up to a LinkSys router/switch to share my internet connections and files within the network....

But what I really wanna do is get my Xbox hooked up on the LAN to play some games. What I really don't wanna do is upgrade my entire network (mostly because I can't afford to replace everything in my network). My Xbox is on the first floor, and my network is upstairs on the otherside of the house. Running Cat5 through the walls is not an option.

Are there any networking products, or adaptors, that I could connect to the xbox's RJ-45 jack downstairs, and to my router upstairs and have a wireless link on one port of my router?

I haven't had much luck finding anything like this, but I could be looking in all the wrong places. Any suggestions would be helpful

The only thing I can think of would be a setup where you do a point to point Wi-Fi connection between your Xbox and your LAN.

Xbox RJ-45 ---> Wi-Fi Access Point ---> LAN Wi-Fi Access Point ---> LAN Router/Switch

If that makes sense...

Otherwise, you can also use a product such as this...

Let me know if this helps...

Digital Suicide:
Hmm.. the point to point Wi-Fi connection seems like it would be my best bet... and leave me some room for future Wi-Fi growth.

Ah, yes.. now I have some direction in this project. Thanks 'neekers!


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