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Digital Suicide:
I know it's not exactly 802.11, but I didn't know where else to post it.

Anybody have any ideas about a Bluetooth PC remote control? i.e. to control Winamp & DVDs? Maybe powerpoint or something to that nature.

I've done some searching on google for Bluetooth PC Remote and didn't have much luck with that.

All I really need is a push in the right direction.

I fixed the category description to include Bluetooth. Technically it is a Wi-Fi technology.

Im not too sure about remote control. Since Bluetooth, although not a new technology, but new on implimentation in the consumer marketplace, im not sure.

Logitech seems to be a powerful driving force in bringing Bluetooth to the PC Marketplace and they have a Media Control device that operates via Bluetooth 1.1 used for controlling Winamp, Media Player, etc. Its a part of their diNovo desktop suite.

Logitech Bluetooth diNovo Media Desktop

I know it is dick expensive .. But Creative Labs develop a system for controlling Music and Video via remote ..

Don't have the address off hand mate .. But if you browser the creative site .. you should find it alright!

I know this question is pretty old now - but I've got some software available at http://www.lim.com.au/PuppetMaster that lets you use either sony ericscson mobiles or Java enabled bluetooth phones as a remote control to various windows programs.

You code that SW?

Very nice. Tho I dont have a phone to test/use it with myself sadly. ;P


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