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Author Topic: Nokia 6639 :Truly Innovative Phone (Pics)  (Read 4718 times)

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Nokia 6639 :Truly Innovative Phone (Pics)
« on: August 07, 2007, 06:36:31 AM »

Firstly I would like to say that if this phone actually gets launched it will be the highest selling mobile with a swiss army knife, a Zippo lighter, a double mega pixel digital SLR camera and also it own Photoshop. Not only that the phone has a 1024 X 768 pixel screen and it also features a Pentium M-Dothan binuclear 2.0GHMz with dual channel 512 MDDR2 memory with expandable features. The phone will also support every video and audio format available to mankind and will display 16 million colors on the TFT screen.

Obviously, this phone is made for the paparazzi because you can attach a huge SLR lens to the back-end and use the built-in email client to mail it to sources; thus a profit and you can buy another one. The camera’s exposure can be set to a variety of modes and you can change the aperture priority, shutter priority, and more. It also features a Swiss yataghan Plug procedures remote control (with the public wireless transmission protocol), thermometer, needle guide, LED beam, and additional features for those who enjoy the outdoors. The phone will also feature wifi for connectivity to access points. This feature is a huge priority to people willing to spend hundreds of dollars. For such a phone I’m sure it will be powered by the dominant Symbian Operating System and the navigation will be the same.

I would say this is the best concept for a Mobile Phone I have seen till date… What about you???