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Forum Notice
« on: December 27, 2014, 05:48:51 PM »
So... it seems some foul, arrogant little bastard has flooded the forum over the past some days. Unfortunately I only caught him today, something I'm still trying to figure out (because I check the RSS feed every day yet nothing until today). Unfortunately even more so is that I only have access to the interface here and not server access. Combine this latter fact with there being a bug in deleting users (and specifically the option to delete all the user's posts) and this meaning it isn't deleting the messages, there are over 1000 (!!) messages here and I don't have the patience to click on them all (if only it had tick all and delete all at once... why is it not possible ? I don't know why it isn't there).

To that end, I've enabled a little bit more restriction although trying to balance it (to not annoy regular people) and prevent things like this is difficult. While I hate captchas I'm somewhat inclined to make them for some posts (but have not). Still, the fact is, unless there was a bug here, too, if they were able to get at least the normal requirement  (of posts) done, then they could do this with captchas too (or perhaps the questions are easy - looking at the list I can see just how easy it would be to check respond to some of the answers).

In any case, I am sorry about the crap here and hopefully it can be sorted out sooner than later. But as of now I have a lot of other crap to deal with (they call it 'real life' I think...) and I don't have the patience to click through this many messages (and it wouldn't be very ergonomical, either!). Taz, if you see this, please address this. Actually, if I can get a moment I'll make a note elsewhere (or send you a PM).

I'm considering giving up his email address, and in particular making a mailto address.. I see no reason why spammers should not be treated like they treat everyone else: victims of spam. However, I'm erring on the side of caution, for the moment.
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