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Author Topic: Launch of Symbian Application - 'Easy Reader'  (Read 7226 times)

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Launch of Symbian Application - 'Easy Reader'
« on: December 09, 2008, 12:54:46 AM »



Frozen Digit Technologies Pvt Ltd (; an India based Mobile games and application development company has released a Symbian Application on Handango and shortly to be released on Orange UK.
Please see the details below

Easy Reader is a mobile phone application providing enhanced visibility for viewing SMS text messages. Messages can be easily read by any recipient, with  features such as a choice of fonts, backgrounds and scrolling speeds. Easy Reader makes texts reading fun for all and is great for the older generation who  can now read texts without hunting for their glasses.

Platform: Symbian OS 3rd Edition

Devices supported for Version 1.0.0 (Portrait and Landscape mode)

1.Nokia N95 (Available on Handango and
2.Nokia 6110 navigator (Available on Handango and
3.Nokia N82 (Available on Handango and
4.Nokia N81 (Available on Handango and
5.Nokia N96 (Available on Handango and
6.Nokia 6210 navigator (Available on Handango and

Devices supported for Version 1.0.1 (Portrait mode only)

1.Nokia E51 (Available on Handango and
2.Nokia N71 (Available on Handango and
3.Nokia N73 (Available on Handango and
4.Nokia N75 (Available on
5.Nokia 6120 (Available on Handango and
6.Nokia 6124 (Available on Handango and
7.Nokia 6220 classic (Available on Handango and
8.Nokia 6121 (Available on Handango and
9.Nokia 6290 (Available on
10.Nokia N76 (Available on Handango and
11.Nokia N82 (Available on Handango and
12.Nokia 6220 (Available on
13.Nokia N78 (Available on Handango and



• Easy reading incoming and stored texts (SMS)
• Choice of font styles and sizes for reading texts
• Choice of background area colours and text scrolling speed
• Viewing of SMS text with Pause control
• Choosing and saving personal settings
• Background running with automatic display on SMS arrival


• Available Mobile Platforms:

Symbian 3rd edition (240x320 phones) - certified application

Thanks and Regards,

Frozen Digit Technologies Pvt Ltd.