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I about had a heart-attact this morning!!  I was palying around with ethereal (packet-sniffer) when my email client checked for mail.  So when I was going through the data returned form ehtereal, lo and behold... I got the excahage between my email client and pop3 email server.   What I saw that made me upset.... clear as day, plain text, user name and password!!!  I was like "What the..." I checked my settings in evolution (email client i use)  to make shure I was using SSL, I had the setting set to "whenever possible"  So i quickly changed this to "Always " then  tryed to check my email again watching the packets off the wire.  But nothing, as it turns out, COX Cable, doesn't support nor use SSL!  And from what I have gatherd from their tech. support, they don't have any plans on doing so.  Now I have some concerns regarding my cable connection,  I have been thinking about switching to DSL so with this and the recent price increase the reason should be an easy one.  I was also thinking of running my own pop3 server and just using that but I haven't even look into it yet.  Any Ideas?


personally, I would switch to DSL. Some here might disagree with me, but I personally hate cable. The truth is, cable is SHARED ! DSL is complete loop and doesn't goto anyone else. Think about it..

your phone line.. the local loop. The cable goes from the CO to your premise and back to the CO. Doesn't go anywhere else. Oh there are main fibers that goto the area, BUT they split and the bandwidth is dedicated to you and only you.

Cable TV.. the same as cable modem.. it's shared. You share it with others in your neighborhood.

and yes, aren't sniffers really interesting ?

mail server.. uh. what os ?


Well I'm going to have to keep cable for the next 6 months at least  :-[  All of the DSL Co's here only have a 1 year contract and I may be moving agian after the 6 months...  Oh well  when the time comes I'll switch.  In the mean-time I'm going out and getting an HUB and an extra NIC... ;D
As far as the mail server, well I haven't even started to look at it yet.  The OS is ehter going to be Red Hat 8.0, Mandrake 9.0, Debain, FreeBSD 4.7  I'm really thinking about seting up another box up and  work with Debain or FreeBSD,  as thoses are the ones I have the least amount of time with.

I use cable... and it's not any more insecure than DSL... same shit... if you're sending your username/pass in plain text it can be compromised just as easily. And POP3 authentication unless using a secure login is sent in plain text.


cable is fine for some, but regardless, it still is shared and dsl isn't. but yeah, if you don't have encryption then everything will be plain text. simple concept.

I don't know.. I just dislike cable, but for some it works.

but again, everyone needs to use whatever works for them.
DSL works for me, cable works for others.


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