Make a Samsung appear as a LG to carrier

Started by joco0101, October 27, 2009, 02:32:18 PM

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Here is my delima,

I want a smart phone for its PDA abilities, but I DO NOT want a data plan. I will most likely delete all the proxy settings on the phone so I cant ever get on my carriers servers on accident, but that is beside the point.

For any smart phone there is a strictly enforced data plan requirement that I do not want. I want to buy a new phone outright, say something like a Samsung Jack or Nokia E71x. I have a LG phone that cant hold a charge that I need to replace (with something like a Jack). So, is there a way to take the LG phone's IMEI number and put it on a new Jack? Can this be done with a computer interface only, if not what equipment do I need?

Or can I use an unlocked phone, say an E71 (not E71x), without worrying that they will slap me with a data plan during an IMEI sweep? (with that being said can I get a "unlocked" Jack and make it work?

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