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Started by Zerored, June 11, 2002, 01:47:51 PM

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Really good sites for computer terms ive seen (borrowed from Metty)-www.webopedia.com and www.whatis.com. Any others?

Actuall, i had a little trouble EXACTLY(aka. mental picture) of finding out what a CSU/DSU is. Ex. if someone showed me a CSU/DSU. I do have the definition az: A device that performs protective and diagnostic functions for a telecommunications line. DSU connects a terminal to a digital line. Bottom line, any body got a link to a pic and a little better definition?

CSU/DSU - (Channel Service Units / Data Service Units) A device used to connect a router to a WAN signal carrier...as explained by Cisco. Broken-down into something you can chew:

When you are trying to connect two offices via your local carrier's WAN (like AT&T, Qwest, etc), you would connect your router to the CSU/DSU and the CSU/DSU to the line. You would do the same at the other office. Nowadays, some routers have a slot open for optionally installing an internal CSU/DSU. I have attached a picture of an external one.

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Thanx muchos Wil....should have put this in the CSU/DSU section, my bad.

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