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Started by Eagle37, August 25, 2002, 09:05:02 AM

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Do any of you know if it is possible to game with two computers at the same time on MSN Zone with a router? I have tried quite a few things and I can only get one computer to launch in a game at a time. I have tried listing the required ports twice in Special Applications. I have tried opening the required ports for both in the virtual server. I have tried placing one in the DMZ mode and the other on Special Applications and nothing works. The only thing at this point I haven't tried is the packet filtering option on my router. Prime reason for this is, I'm stump in knowing how to list the ports there. I own a D-Link 704P Router. I run WIN98 and I have DirectX 8.1. My Router is set up as a Dynamic address server and if there is anything else you need to know just ask. At this point I don't mind so much if I can't game with both on my DSL connection at the same time. I just like to know if it is possible or not. If it is, I sure like to know how. Thanks guys!

Yes it's possible.  Anything is possible  Have you tryed asking the Admins at MSN Zone?  I would check with them first for your not the only one who have ran accoss this problem before and your not going to be the last!
I'm not up to par with D-Link hardware but can you somehow set the virtual server IP's address to something other then the Dynamicly assigned one? Just an thought

I would check with MSN Zone first...... good luck.

Yeah CBK is right, Unless someone here nows specifics on the router you are using then you would be best contacting MSN directly. But yes it can 100% be done. I mean if I can get 3 systems on MSN Zone through standard XP internet sharing, then it can deffinatly be done using your D-Link router.

Is it MSN not accepting your second connection? or is it your router not allowing you to make a second connection?

Suppose that is a start to narrow the problem down.

Vernon had a router here the other day pricking around with it at the office, and it wouldn't let him make a second connection to battle.net. It wasn't a problem on battle nets end.. Just the router being a fag fuck.

So find out if it is MSN or your router not allowing the second connection.. and then you can take it from there.
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Are you using NAT? Do you have more then one public ip address to spare?

I would need to know this before I could help.

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It may also be the router you're using or possibly even your carrier. One thing ive noticed is using DSL with PPPoE and no static IP, connecting to game servers is a bit of a hassle at times. If your Router doesnt have a static IP, that may be one avenue of approach to consider. As far as the router goes, I dont like D-Link equipment personally. Ive had issues with their products in the past. I would recommend a Netgear router and I have also heard good things about Linksys, although they are actually part of the same company.

I dont mean to knock your router as being cheap, hell I know how money can be tight and you take what you can get, but the model you have is relatively inexpensive. As cooky as this may sound, it may not be able to handle more then one device using the backbone at one time. I say this because a while back I had a roommate who had a clunky Intel 4 port switch connected to our Cable modem. Any time he was doing any kind of gaming, I couldnt get out on the backbone. Normal traffic loads were fine, and we could both get out no problem.

Most of the inexpensive networking devices arent capable of handling large traffic loads at once and have a tendancy to prioritize for one device at a time. Most of the time you dont notice because its things like browsing the web or something that doesnt use up so much bandwith, but when you punch it up a notch, thats when you notice. I know most games wont allow you to connect to a server unless it can establish a good solid connection. The only ones I know that will allow you to connect over an iffy connection are ones that use UDP.
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Thought I'd take a min to post here.. As you all know, I'm really not participating.. I may from time to time post, but for now, I'm in the background in respect to the BOARD.. if anyone emails me or what not, I'll probably get back.. anyhow..

D-Link v. Netgear..

It's kind of funny .. kind of sad too..

Firstly, my IP is static, I do use NAT, and I do not use DHCP internally either.. So everything is static.

Okay, maybe a year ago I got a Netgear router.. It worked fine for a while.. But then it  totally died or so it seems.. After working perfectly.. it decided to disconnect me at trandom times.. No graphic transfers, not huge files.. so basically, I used to be able to stay connected to a box 24/7.. I would be on for weeks.. But then no more.. It decided that every hour or so it'd drop the connection.. That really pissed me off.. Then one day it got even worse.. At this point the router dropped *all* internal packets going outside.. So I couldn't connect to *anything*, I couldn't even send icmp packets.. nothing.. So after I got a new router, I asked the Netgear tech 'support' because this just shouldn't happen, especially when it worked fine for quite a while.. My isp didn't change anything. So basically the morons at tech support did not listen to what I've TRIED, that it USED to WORK for some time, it is configured properly, etc.. The fuckwits kept telling me to upgrade the firmware.. I did that, and told them it was worthless. Yet, they told me to do it again. Excuse me ? I just told you  I did, you damn toad. They also did this with other settings that my ISP did NOT change, and neither did I. Basically, they just sent the same message. What's really amusing is after every reply they 'close' the 'case'. Yet it didn't seem to work.. Morons should at least wait before closing it so I don't have to open it again. Anyways, I got another router.. guess who ? netgear.. don't know why but I did..

This one was even worse.. It worked for some time, and then started randomly disconnecting me.. same config.. I was extremely pissed off.. I asked them again .. and they did the same shit.. repeat everything, don't listen, close the case, etc. Damn toads. So then it gets worse. After some time.. the router started RESETTING ITSELF ! Again and again. In other words, it was constantly in the testing mode on bootup. So not only could I not connect to the gateway my isp has.. I couldn't even connect to the router in my lan.. That is complete bollocks. So then the people at Netgear (I managed to send some mails but it was hard to do ..) tell me to upgrade the firmware. The morons didn't listen again.. Think about it.. If the router keeps resetting itself.. how in the fuck am I supposed to upgrade the firmware ? Hell, how am I even supposed to download it ? I couldn't connect locally or externally yet they wanted me to do this. Well I think I finally managed to do it (but it reset itself before, during and after every time) .. again, not sure how I managed that as it constantly reset itself. So I tell them this and then they ask me to call them. As if I was going to even call them and waste more of my time. How in the hell are they supposed to figure out what is going on.. checking configurations, etc. when the stupid router kept resetting itself ? Gah. Stupid cretins.

Fact is, they don't listen, they repeat things (which is really unprofessional, rude, and extremely annoying), they seem to think that THEY are right, and that I am wrong. Stupid spazzes.. I couldn't do anything because of the router.. Gah. Yet they want to do testing ? fuck that.

To be honest.. I *hate*, *hate*, *hate* netgear .. and a lot of that is the employees.. What's really scary is Neek has the same router but no problem. The thing is.. mine USED to work and NOTHING was changed. I'd sure love to hear ideas.. but the random disconnections, and all the other bollocks really pisses me off.

Regarding D-Link.. well.. they have good features, they are cheaper.. but then again.. who knows..

So far it is working but it does disconnect sometimes.. It is not nearly as bad as the others.. I seriously don't know. But the fact is, they all used to work, nothing was changed on any side and  the netgear tech support was a complete waste of time.

Oh well... enough of this.. back to mudding..
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I've not had problems with any Netgear products myself. Not to say that it doesnt happen, but having dealt with all kinds of networking products (Intel, Cisco, Motorola, 3Com, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, EWire, Blackbox, etc etc.) they have never given me a problem. As a matter of fact, I still have an 8 port 10/100 switch I bought 4 years ago and its still kicking strong. I guess its a mix of the luck of the draw as far as what model you choose, what factory batch they came from, what environment its used in, etc.
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Aye. I totally agree Taz. Neek hasn't had a prob too. It just surprised me because they are supposed to be good. In fact, for most they ARE good.. *shrug*

A lot of what pissed me off is their customer service.. Oh well..

Then again, I don't have much luck so... If anyone has any idea on what in the hell happened to those deceased routers I'd much appreciate it..  What would be quite interesting though, is to test others equipment and see how long it works.. maybe it is something here but you know... why it'd work for a couple months and then stop.. I have no idea.

Maybe it's networking products dominating Met.. The product works until the warranty expires or something.. then dies.. hehe :)

Seriously though.. I'd love to hear any ideas.. Kind of pisses me off that it happened..

As far as your experience with all those products, I have no doubt in my mind you have.. And I'm guessing it's been years of it too.. The only layer 2 and layer 3 networking manufacturer I can whole-heartedly say is excellent is Cisco Systems and for home use, that just isn't common.. I'm sure there are others but with my luck, who knows...

3Com is another idea perhaps to try.. *shrug*

Maybe it's just me.. I don't see how, but I don't know..

And I think you hit the nail on the head too.. the last sentence.. most importantly.. *ENVIRONMENT* .. but even manufacturer plant, and the model are important..

Did I ever tell any of you that two things I'm working on may very well be published on unixgeeks.org ? :)

One on UNIX and one on TCP/IP and Networking.. they will both go in X-Zine and if I can make a deal with Phrack, perhaps they'd publish it even if I publish it somewhere.. that I somehow doubt but who knows. :)

Well, it kind of feels humiliating that this happened to me but damnit, it did. heh

Don't know why, but it did.. I'm pretty good with networking, and if there is ever a problem, I have some pretty good mates to turn to.. Course, I think it goes the other way around too.. :)

HFX and others of course..

Alright, time to post this...


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