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Started by Metgod, May 07, 2004, 06:01:16 PM

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I don't know if anyone would be interested in this, but it was the first time I bothered to read the man page of TCSH (ehm.. that is.. pull it up). I thought this was interesting and thought maybe someone else might be too :

      In 1964, DEC produced the PDP-6.  The PDP-10 was a later re-implementa-
      tion.  It was re-christened the DECsystem-10 in 1970  or  so  when  DEC
      brought out the second model, the KI10.

      TENEX was created at Bolt, Beranek & Newman (a Cambridge, Massachusetts
      think tank) in 1972 as an experiment  in  demand-paged  virtual  memory
      operating  systems.  They built a new pager for the DEC PDP-10 and cre-
      ated the OS to go with it.  It was extremely successful in academia.

      In 1975, DEC brought out a new model of  the  PDP-10,  the  KL10;  they
      intended  to have only a version of TENEX, which they had licensed from
      BBN, for the new box.  They called their version TOPS-20  (their  capi-
      talization  is  trademarked).   A  lot of TOPS-10 users (`The OPerating
      System for PDP-10') objected; thus DEC found themselves supporting  two
      incompatible systems on the same hardware--but then there were 6 on the

      TENEX, and TOPS-20 to version 3, had command  completion  via  a  user-
      code-level subroutine library called ULTCMD.  With version 3, DEC moved
      all that capability and more into the monitor (`kernel'  for  you  Unix
      types),  accessed by the COMND% JSYS (`Jump to SYStem' instruction, the
      supervisor call mechanism [are my IBM roots also showing?]).

      The creator of tcsh was impressed by this feature and several others of
      TENEX and TOPS-20, and created a version of csh which mimicked them.
"My Terminal is my Soul"

ahhh... cool... some insight to my favorite shell.
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One of my favorite shells too.. glad you like the info.

I honestly never would have guessed this info, but when I saw it I thought it was really interesting and thought I'd share. :)

"My Terminal is my Soul"

nice to have some non-technical background about such things..

like fuzzy acronyms..

thx for sharing teh knowledge!  ;)

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