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Started by Phlux, February 28, 2005, 05:14:58 AM

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The biggest misconception people have is that you can learn "Hacking". Most all categories have subcategories and in "Hacking" the subs are anything computer related...from programming to decompiling; from building a website to debugging and everything in between. Once you learn and eventually master a few if not all of these subs you then have learned "Hacking".

The reason to become a hacker is the pursuit of knowledge, so go out there and learn not for the sake of hacking...but for the pursuit of knowledge, because it truly IS the power.

I believe the reason many good willed individuals give up true hacking and go download a trojan is because they are misinformed by the media and they believe that is the way - insert a floppy disk - connect your modem to a payphone - hack the FBI website for fun and then obviously a bank to transfer all their money into your swiss account; but that's fake.

So to lighten the fall from this media dive I first chose to learn Xss because I believe it is the fastest method to achieve when starting out. So by getting newbies feet wet and once they get a taste of this forbidden knowledge, I believe they will be reformed and finally realize that hacking IS real...but you must learn how to do it.

"Any idiot can have a child...but it takes a man to raise him"

"Any idiot can use a virus...but it takes a real hacker/cracker to program it"

Just some words to sleep on.

Well said.
"A well known hacker is a good hacker, an unknown hacker is a great hacker..."

I don't care what your parents told you, you aren't special.

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