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Started by benthehutt, August 13, 2005, 01:48:29 AM

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Wifi and I are good friends, and I've been learning alot about the various wifi harware technologies.  You see, there is a certain lack of funding here, so when something doesn't work, you don't buy one that does, you hack it.  So here are various hardware hacking tips for consumer level products:

1.  Dlink and Linksys love linux.  In fact, they ship almost every single router, print server, range extender, and bridge with firmware based on linux.  That means the GNU Public License makes their innards open source.  Almost every one of their "smart" products can be hacked to unlock new features and overclocking.

2.  Dlink in particular uses many of the same parts in their different products.  This means that some of their products may be changed into others.  For example, a Dlink bridge can become a Dlink range extender (and vise-versa).  All you gotta do is flip the firmware and change a checksum.  Linksys also offers a few products that are essentially the same.

3.  Linksys and Dlink both have different product lines: a bottom line, and a topline (PlusG--> XtremeG).  They fail to mention that their products are essentially the same (for "smart" products).  If you're strapped for cash, you can buy the bottom line (most of the time) and hack it to bring out it's "full potential."

4.  If you need to boost signal strength try these options:

a.  Build your own cantenna, it works great and costs a little over three dollars:

b.  Remember that both a bridge and a range extender will work.
c.  Choose a pricy range extender over a bigger antenna.  But don't place it too far from the AP or router or it will do nothing but boost the static.

And that's all I have for tonight.  I probably would post more but I should probably get some sleep.

(*Cantenna, what was I thinking?  Geesh*) ;D
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Allright ben! I'll know who to bother when I get around to setting up my wireless network in the near future! Cheers.... oh and it's really nice to see all the traffic on HFX lately!
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I just wanted to add to the fun. Here's one of a few Schmoo Group answers to the cantenna:

Cool, huh? Check out their sniper too!

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