VB Winsock 6.0

Started by Phlux, March 01, 2005, 02:02:40 AM

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I am having a great deal of trouble programming a simple client/server program for visual basic...can you help me out? I'd post everything that i'm entering here but i've been working on it for several hours and really do not want to even look at it right now. If you respond and say that you know winsock controls then I will post the subs.

Hey Phlux,

I've been useing VB for years.  And I've made many programs using Winsock.  I find you can do anything remotely with it and it is easy to use.

Most of what I learned was from viewing others VBcode and a good site for that is www.codearchive.com

just do a search for Winsock.  and if you have any questions give me an e-mail and I do my best to help you out. :)

Never saw this post before.. throw up your code mate and i'lll see what I can do.
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