Started by Zerored, August 21, 2002, 01:11:01 AM

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Well, althought extremely expensive, Alienware has come out with a really cool laptop. Its upgradeable...moreso that other laps i know of. First off. You can upgrade the hard drive. The ram. The drives...i think, but the coolest part is, you can upgrade the CPU...coolness. I say hfx start their own security firm, and we all get these lappys hehe. Click "More Details"
Hopefully, you wont have to go through the company to upgrade the CPU...
Is the red annoying...or am i?

***Fills out HXF Solutions intern application***


Those look pretty nice actually...
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Nice yes.. expensive ? hell yes.. I don't have that kind of money...

actually.. I'm trying to get some more boxen up here.. The only one that is confirmed is a sparc20 from Sol.. he's going to send it when it'd be best for me (which isn't right now).. he had to use it for a while...

But I'd also like to get a bsd box up .. heh .. problem is room. either I get a laptop or something small.. or I figure out if this router I have can do wireless heh

I've thought of getting an old dos box and setting it up and have a private BBS ... but  I am not bringing out one of my old boxen.. and I doubt I'd could find something that I'd be comfortable with or is useful anyhow..

all of this for more security, coding and that kind of stuff..

The only other thing I require is a second ups (hehe.. too much load on it).. well that and money.. in other words. not much will happen..

anyone have any ideas how I could get an okay box for an okay price ? seriously.. I can't work.. not with all I have..
128MB for ram would be fine.. actually.. 64 would be ok if .. need be.. hdd could be small too. 20GB or less (most likely it'll be less).. all I have is a couple hundreds (*laughs and sighs at the same time as if that much money would help*).. anyways.. would appreciate some ideas even if it's more than what I can afford.. because afterall, who knows what could happen.


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well, im looking heavily at a sagernotebook..uneek told me bout em years ago...

And i now have one!!! Funny thing is, the alien ware and the sager are EXACTLY the same notebooks! Rumor has it that a company named Clevo is like a mother company to the two or something like that. Just, alienware paints an uses their logos. My sager (a series 5660) is waaay cheaper and customer service was excellent! I check stuff on...well, this prolly should be in the hardware section, but pctorque offers the same paint jobs as alienware. If yall want to check it out for your self, go to and

Yep, it should be in the hardware section.. and you also said something about rumors.. I do believe there is a rumor section too... Shame on you ! :)

And of course, I am only kidding on both of those...
afterall, one thing gives you a thought on something else and it'd be absurd and very hard to follow if you separated messages for that..

Well I still didn't go to bed.. but there is only one more new post so it should be soon... And tomorrow, hopefully I can put a bit more posts in.. :)

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