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Started by wilnix, January 06, 2003, 06:59:39 PM

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Here's a couple of links I found to use as resources:

This is what I'm using for ASM (80x86). If you know better, please post it here...


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Cool Will, been looking for some good resources like this.. Cheers mate.. I have some good book(ish) type things lying around here on the network that i have used. Will box em up and e-mail em over when i remember :)

Cheers home grower
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I used to do x86 assembler and I was good enough to accomplish things. I worked with boot sectors, files, video and sound, and other stuff.

I do believe though, that I gave Will and Cobby some resources some while back. I guess they were lost or forgotten about. Ah well.

But while I'm saying this, there are a few other things you might want to look up, being:

If for DOS, then Brown's interrupt information. Another useful tool for DOS is HelpPC. Of course, I do not think anyone here is doing that, but just in case.

If for Windows, then getting an API list with all the functions would be very useful. Again, not so sure about anyone here coding for windows but just in case.

If for Unix or Linux, similar things.. There are always OS specific things to find.

And for all I know, it could have been listed above. Just some ideas that may be useful.

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Nah mate, I still have and use all the stuff you gave me waaaaaayyyyy back :P

Not forgotten :D
I am not suffering with insanity... I am loving every minute of it.

*feels a little better*

good, good to hear :)
and glad they are of use to you, still. :)

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"Assembly, it's what's for shellcode"

a new catch phrase?

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Metgod: Why were you creating API's for sound and video files with ASM rather then just using the standard API's you find everyday?

Wilnix: Assembly is what's for C ;) <--- A real catch phrase

And my question is does anyone have any info on ASM on Sparc64 Architecture ;)


I like you Spirit. :)

(and love your comments about about C)

Anyway, to answer your question.. The reason I wrote my own sound stuff was for pure fun. I had a blast playing with the speakers on the mother board.

Unfortunately though, I once again lost my asm knowledge.. but I'm back at C (again) and loving it. Doing it most days and getting much better.. have to say, probably better than I was in the past. And just hope to keep it that way.

As for your question about sparc asm.. I don't have anything off hand but I may be able to get some. If anyone has it that I know, it'd be a good mate of mine that owns a bunch of Sparcs. I need ot message him for something else anyhow, so will try to remember then.

I think that's it..


"My Terminal is my Soul"

Heh, I haven't gotten my Blade150 (look @ Sun Microsystems for more info), but damn I can't wait till I get it. Sparc64 has to be the best damn architecture in existance, and PPC sucks :P

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