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Started by Zerored, February 28, 2003, 10:45:04 PM

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Okay, so i havent done it yet. I do have my lappy though. But what about a test box of sorts to test attacks...or, could you do it on your home made box...and uneek, i posted a response for the triple boot task.
Also, what about a direct connection. See, id like to run a few attack programs, scanning proggies etc. Or, could i just give my lappy an ip addy and do it on that?
Now, any takers on this?

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems that you are thinking too big.

If you have both machines in the network, just use their IPs to attack.

Box A: attacking box
Box B: victim box

just make sure you configure it just like you would in the real world..

Install a vulnerable version of SSH2. Then just exploit it from the other box.

That is all there is to testing vulns and holes. Simple. If you have a box outside the network, then just use it as the source and keep the inside one as the victim.

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set ips...cool, and i can do this with a crossover cable, correct? Or with a hub and a catfive? or switch/router cat five?

You can do a Direct cable connection if you want. Set IP's to whatever and then hammer away.

If you only have two system then there is no need for hub/switch/router etc etc etc..  Unless you want to test for vulnerabilities within a specific router or setting up a firewall or something.

Out of curiosity, what systems are you testing? Nix platform to windows or Nix to Nix or other?
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well, win to win, then *nix to win, then *nix to *nix

actually yall, i did a setup with vmware and ran some proggies. Anybody else do that?

I use VMWare on my lappy... love it!
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vmware is a good idea if you have a processor that clocks above 500 megasquirts...my laptop was going way too slow so I defeated the darkside evil Darth Gates and stuck with the rebels. I am full time fbsd user and loving it. I have been able to do everything i could do in windows EXCEPT administor exchange's public folders for work. I have to connect remotely to a winbox and do it from there...

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