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Started by DHD, December 04, 2003, 11:43:49 AM

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One of my friends recently asked me for help, he needed help with his network, he wanted it to have no wires at all.

"Ok" i said, "lets go get some Wi-Fi for you", but the thing is that i don't know shit about Wi-Fi, nothing else than its without wires and how to connect to a wifi network..

So my question is, what kinda equipment should i get and is there some things i should know about, when setting up the network?


Some very brief notes...

- 802.11g (Preferable for 54 Meg over 11 Meg of 802.11b)
- Change Default Password (Obvious, but you'd be surprised...)
- Enable at least 128 Bit WEP (Even though this is cracked easily, it's a good deterrent)
- Change the default SSID
- Disable SSID Broadcast (VERY IMPORTANT! Some deviced such a typical SOHO brand at your local CompUSA may not have this feature)
- Don't use DHCP (Configure NAT with Static IP's)
- Filter by MAC Address
- Consider secondary auth if feasible (i.e. RADIUS)
- Consider using DMZ / VPN if feasible
- Test securiy if feasible (Lots of tools out there like Airsnort, Netstumbler, etc.)

This is pretty simple and straight forward, but if you need additional help, feel free to ask... just be patient for a response since I haven't had too much free time as of late, but I will do my best to help. Good luck!
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