shortfuse/Keith Kimmel of South Bend Hackers Club (SBHC) Found Dead.

Started by Metgod, November 21, 2015, 09:27:22 PM

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To those who remember SBHC you will probably remember the leader (or so I seem to think he was the leader) called himself shortfuse - and it certainly matched his temper in some ways. Taz liked to refer to him as shortdick but in any case, there was quite some problems with them (perhaps especially him) and HFX which is ironic indeed given that we're about uniting the digital underground. I certainly can't claim I was entirely innocent but he really did piss a lot of us off.

Then he was arrested for vandalism and theft from a telephone company (don't remember which one and don't care) in his (then) town South Bend, Indiana (or so I think it was in his own town; I know it is on a news website out there from years ago). I know I got great amusement out of his arrest but part of that was bias because I did not at all like him. I didn't approve of what he did, either.

So to those who remember this saga with SBHC, you might find what Cobra showed me an hour and a half ago or so of interest - Keith Kimmel was found dead. He was supposedly the victim of police brutality. It seems he had been in a gay bar (which certainly was his right in my mind and nothing I would judge), got in a fight, then the police got involved and he (as claimed) was dragged across the lot or some such. He then died a couple days later. I'm certainly not going to judge what happened one way or another and I won't talk for anyone in the story (or frankly anyone besides myself). This is the one link from another website (a forum) that isn't a 404 - at least about the situation itself. He apparently had his own blog too but that's now a part of history - as he is (no, that is not to disregard a life - it is only because I love puns). So for what ever it might be worth:

Despite what I thought (and think) of him a lost life is still a lost life... and I think that's what matters more than anything else (even if everything by now is moot).
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I was just speaking to someone about this. I was saying I wasn't sure how i felt about the news. My mates reply was, just because the person is dead it doesn't change the fact they were an asshole.

Point taken.
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Granted that's true; but it doesn't take away that we all have some good in us - even if we can't see it. I don't know what good exists in him as he never showed it to any of us. But somewhere it is there because we all have good and we all have bad; the two are inclusive and there is no denying this except when blind to the way the mind works.

So yes, true. But I'm not sure if it is entirely relevant (it is relevant but not in every way).
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My life has taught me that the *potential* for good exists in everyone, however the individual can decide whether or not to tap into that potential themselves or ignore it entirely. Life experiences have allowed me to see humanity at its worst but also at its best all at the same time.

This guy was a bit of a dick in his life, something he chose to be on his own. He used the guise of doing "good" to carry out bad things, harass people and create turmoil.

I think perhaps he had intentions of doing good at some points of his life, but they were often overshadowed by his arrogance and desire for notoriety and the actions quickly derailed because of those things.

A statement that rings true in lots of things I often remember at times like this:

QuoteVillains who twirl their moustaches are easy to spot. Those who clothe themselves in good deeds are well camouflaged.
"A well known hacker is a good hacker, an unknown hacker is a great hacker..."

I don't care what your parents told you, you aren't special.

And Albert Speer said:

QuoteOne seldom recognises the devil when he is putting his hand on your shoulder.

.. and I know that Cobby knows who he is but to those who don't he was Hitler's main architect (least later on) and the quote refers to Hitler. He (Speer) later on become Minister of Armaments and Munitions (after the death of his predecessor on a plane crash that Speer only decided against flying in in order to get some decent sleep - a few hours before).

In the end we all have good and bad in us; the two cannot exist independently - the fact some act more on bad (or good) doesn't mean there isn't good (or bad) in them, it means they repress it.

Yes, shortfuse was arrogant but I can't say I was never arrogant because that would be an obvious lie. Of course, it is different reasons for me (and often not really intentional) but the end result is the same (intention definitely isn't appreciated nearly as much but still the end result is what matters to most people.. though I think intent is far more important). Was Keith a good person primarily or a bad person ? I don't think anyone can truly say for sure - certainly none of us - and as such I won't even try to judge him that way because I don't think it right to judge someone (or anything or ...) I don't really know. I can only judge his vandalism and theft and to that I utterly reject his actions (same with his behaviour with us). But as a person I'll leave that to the far-too-many people who willingly judge others.

Happy new year fwiw (it means next to nothing for me but...). Hope it brings much good to you.
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